Saturday, September 4, 2010

Redoing an old wrought iron table.

Pic of the table I bought at a Thrift Store in St Ignace MI. I paid $2.00 for it. Lucy making sure its ok. She has to check out everything I buy. I really liked this color but I couldn't find the color in a spray can. So I went with my standard black.  I paint a lot of stuff black.

 Fresh out of the sandblaster. 

First coat of primer. I put two coats on. 

Put together with two coats of black spray paint.                  

With the glass in it.

On the porch and ready to be used.

YAY!!!! Lucy approves.


  1. Looking forward to reading about more of the adventures of Lucy!

  2. I can see why Lucy approves. It looks great.

  3. Great job! It looks so nice on your porch! Your cat is adorable! :)